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55-year-old Margaret Pizzi of Mentor hopes to battle back from years of physical problems to a healthier life. She's cut out processed foods and diet soda, which is a first step.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sat 2/4

Started the day with a tough Bootcamp workout at Slim and Fit in Concord.  I could only do a small part with the weights before my body objected. Silly me deciding to try to lift 5 and 10lb weights when some days I can barely lift a hairdryer if my neck and shoulder flairs up!  I finished just making the movements with my arms without weights when weights were required. BABY STEPS. The exercise ball was a challenge for me with some of the movements.  We also did some exercises with a resistance rope and some aerobics. Although it was quite a challenge for me the time flew by it was so much fun. Thanks to Slim and Fit for offering this to us. I hope to go every week but do modified exercises with lighter weights.

Since I weighed in there last Sunday I asked to weigh myself on the same scale and I lost weight!! Late the night before I went to the store and bought a new scale thinking mine was broken but hadn't opened it yet. Good thing because my scale wasn't broken at all, I 'd lost more than I thought and I guess I'm just not used to see my weight go down instead of up!!!

Pulse Group Fitness Studio in Painesville Twp has also offered to help our group get in shape with some free classes.  They have such a variety of options it was hard deciding what to take.  As if I didn't put myself through enough in the morning, I went to the 11:15 Couch Potato Challenge.  Boy for me it was a major challenge.  When it was something that was too hard or hurt, adjustments or suggestions were made so that I could still do it.  Just what I needed.   It became glaringly obvious how weak and tight and inflexible I've become.  The  class  touched on many different exercise styles and so I got an introduction to some of the other classes available.  This is one is definately a keeper.  I think I'll try the Yoga next.

As far as the diet goes now that I'm settled in and recording every bite it's more of a challenge to get all my calories in rather than eat too much.  Since I've cut out the bad carbs or high glycemic foods and all processed foods, I'm not getting any cravings and I'm rarely hungry.  I have more energy too :-).


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