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Monday, July 23, 2012

not adding up

Well I've decided my body just doesn't "do" math.

Supposedly for every 3500 calories deficit you lose a pound. "Nope", my body says, "Not gonna do it".  I've been tracking every little calorie in and every calorie expenditure.

My body just HAS to be uncooperative and not do what it's supposed to!!!  Why do things always have to be so hard?  Not that things have been ever easy these 6 months, but gosh this has been especially difficult. I have been working my butt off, literally, the past couple weeks and the scale won't budge.  

I've been especially diligent with fats and carbs. Only the "good" stuff except for just 2 times I've caved and eaten bacon.  I'm glad the "you are what you eat" quote isn't true because I'd most certainly be sprouting feathers with all the eggs, chicken and turkey I've eaten.

Although my activity has been limited because of my flare-up with my neck/back I've been walking a lot and doing hills,stairs and inclines and really pushing my limits. Yesterday I went bike riding and was so tired afterwards I could barely lift my bike in the car. It took several attempts (must admit my cruiser bike IS heavy" though). 

The scale didn't move again this morning and after BOUNCING on the thing a few times I went to a chain restaurant for breakfast.  I didn't binge or even order the way I would have in the past and it wasn't even one of the big breakfasts, but looking everything up afterwards it totaled 879 calories for ONE meal.  It took 879 calories (AND A STOMACH ACHE) for me to remember WHY I don't eat that way anymore. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I'll never eat there anymore, it just means that I have to take better care to choose WHAT I eat.  I also forgot my new philosophy when eating out "1/2 now, 1/2 later".

So now my stomach hurts and of course it didn't change what the scale read. I've decided the next couple days I'm going to switch things up like Kate says she was going to, cutting meat and dairy and I'm going to eat just fruits and veggies.  I've also decided that for it's own safety I'm going to have someone place the scale into hiding!!!!

Well, I need to go now. Maybe I can pacify my tummy with those pretty bing cherries.


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