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55-year-old Margaret Pizzi of Mentor hopes to battle back from years of physical problems to a healthier life. She's cut out processed foods and diet soda, which is a first step.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weigh in Yesterday!

It was a rough week with a bad cold. It doesn't look like I lost weight for the week because of all the icky, sickeningly sweet prescription cough medicine and all the cough drops. Also since Tuesday I've just been coming home and going to bed after work so no exercise either. Both certainly didn't help my weight loss cause.

Yesterday I had my monthly weigh-in and was very happy with the results although I could have done better. I didn't get to meet with the rest of the group because I was late because my grandson had karate testing. Guess I'll get to touch base with everyone next time.  I did get to meet our winner for this month. She was amazing and lost 24 pounds. That kind of determination should motivate us all! I think almost all of the group lost weight.  Make sure you check the paper next week to see how well we all did!

Later I had my first experience out and about all day in a non-diet friendly atmosphere.  We took my grandson Devin to the auto show and Monster Jam for his birthday (7yo). I did bring some healthy snacks but it was so hard to find something else healthy to eat. I ended up eating an all beef hot dog without the bun. Did cheat with 2 potato chips, 1 nacho w cheese and 3 peanut butter crackers.  Overall, considering what was available it wasn't too bad of a cheat.  Now I know for next time to bring more than just a few healthy snacks with us.

Today I treated myself to a piece of french toast without syrup. Later we're going to Devin's birthday party and I think I'll treat myself to 1-2 pieces of pizza.  I think I'll be able to burn the calories off with the laser tag and bowling :-).  

Tomorrow it's MAJOR crackdown for the next month.  I plan on going to the Y and to Pulse. The boot camp at Slim & Fit is too much for me for now,  that next month's goal.  I bought an exercise Wii game and a walking Wii game for when I'm too busy for group exercise. I think the kids have Wii fit also. I'm also going to start swimming.  It seems to be the easiest exercise with my back problems but it's so hard to get myself there.

The major goal for month 2 is exercise, exercise, exercise!  I kept my diet for 95% of the time for month 1. Starting tomorrow I'll try for 100%.


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