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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flying high and shot down

Disclaimer: This is an atypical blog from a "unique" individual. Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages from reading this blog. Do not read while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment.

So my thinking bizarre at times but I have no problem with that....

Yesterday and today I was so proud of myself for really starting to get some exercise this month. I was so disappointed after stepping on the scale and not seeing any movement so my mind and body had a little conversation.

Mind: "Careful, don't step in that!"
Body: "What are you talking about, step in what?"
Mind: "That big spot on the sidewalk"
Body: "Ewww, that's gross, what's THAT, what HAPPENED to it?"
Mind: "That's my confidence. I was flying so high after doing so well exercising all week and was so excited to step on the scale and then you made it SPLAT".
Body: "I made it SPLAT? Don't think so"
Mind: "Yes you did. I've been working so hard. You're just mad because I've made you SWEAT.".
Body: "Well, I'm certainly not fond of getting all hot and certainly don't like being all sweaty."
Mind: "See I told you, now I've lost confidence and I'm feeling all depressed".
Body: "I'm not used to these changes and I'm feeling a little parched. You really have screwed up on remembering to give me enough protein. Last month you didn't make me work so hard so it wasn't as important but now you expect me to lose weight AND build muscle? Gimme some fuel and building material here will ya."
Mind: "Hmmm. I guess I can admit to not exactly being good about sending reminders to drink or eat protein.  Went a few days there with calories below 1200 too but what about that big smudge?"
Body:"Really sorry about your self confidence. If we work together we can get it back. It may take me some time to adjust every now and then though. I do think we need to "de-friend" the scale."
Mind: DEFINITELY de-friending the scale. Maybe we can visit it no sooner than once every week or two. It's such a troublemaker. The sun's shining today and it's nice outside. Did I ever tell you about how sunshine can help my mood?....
Body: "yeah, so does letting your silly side show every now and then."


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