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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emotional Monday

Such an emotional Monday! 

I have been working hard in the gym and the scale isn't budging and I have been so darn tired all the time!   Noticed big dark circles under my eyes too .   I took a much needed break over the weekend. Saturday I ate my maintenance (maybe a little above), pigged out on carbs and sat on my butt almost all of the day except for going out to a movie (and eating buttered popcorn) with my husband.  Sunday I worked out but again ate my maintenance.

I'm doing weight training 3 mornings a week and imagine my dismay when I just didn't have the energy to go yesterday morning.  I was so upset. I blew my diet out of the water ON PURPOSE and it did nothing?? When it came time for Zumba I just didn't feel energetic or motivated but I made myself go anyway.

Good thing I did!  At Tripoint I was rockin' at Zumba!  I ended up having the energy to really have strong, big moves and get those legs up high.   Afterwards I did the exercise balls and resistance bands class (lots of openings ladies).  Then I STILL had energy and wanted MORE so I went to the Y and did my weights circuit that I skipped in the morning. I probably would have done cardio but the Y was closing.

Went home on a high note and skipped my weekly Big Mac without the bun that I usually get after my big Zumba workout Mondays. Took a break at home and ate healthy protein for building muscles then still had the energy to put away laundry.  My hubby was alarmed when I suddenly started sobbing!

Why was I sobbing??? Well the majority of my clothes were way too big and it felt so good!  It was happy tears!!!  I kept loading clothes into garbage bags to take to Goodwill. All 1X, XXL and almost all of my XL went in the bags.  I'm just "large" now. Odd that "large" should sound so good but it does. 

My hubby and I were talking and although the pounds just aren't coming off lately I've really lost a lot of inches.  I still have quite a bit of fat to lose, the middle is still a big problem (pun intended) but he was very impressed with my rock hard quadriceps!

I still have an exercise buzz this morning.  Woke up at 5:30am with my body raring to go but I went back to sleep because after doing so much late the night before I don't want to push it.  The last thing I need is an injury.  It's nice that I'm so antsy to get off work and go exercise though (cardio day).  It's hot out and I bet the pool would be a great place to get some cardio in when I get off work. I'm needing a new swimsuit too Crystal. Isn't it awesome to look forward to buying a new suit for a change?!!

We've got like 5 1/2 weeks left and I really hope to be half way to my goal weight by then. The end of the contest isn't going to be the end for me. I'm going (changed from "hoping") to be "normal" weight by the end of the year. My 'normal" however may not match the charts though.  I find I'm sexier with some curves


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