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55-year-old Margaret Pizzi of Mentor hopes to battle back from years of physical problems to a healthier life. She's cut out processed foods and diet soda, which is a first step.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Jan 31st

Family drama in the morning which usually results in me seeking comfort in food. Since I'm out and about I go to my favorite mom/pop restaurant for breakfast. I get an omelet, rye toast and sliced tomatoes.  Very proud of myself for not resorting to my usual stress/emotional eating of high carb/ high fat foods with little nutritional value.  

Figuring getting all sweaty will take my mind off food, I meet with a trainer to talk about some personal training sessions. Since I have the low back, neck and shoulder issues I want professional help to figure out strength training exercises that I can do. I can actually do a lot of strength training without hurting myself and boy did he make me work!  Ended up doing 25 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes cardio. Tired and sweaty but VERY proud of my now not-so wimpy self.  Still having those flu-like symptoms but do an additional 15 minutes of water aerobics and 1 1/2 laps in the pool.

Still feeling somewhat sickly and needing to nap. Maybe its my body objecting to the dramatic decrease in carbs. Cooking up some kale, LOVE it. Finish the day again under my goal with 33 calories to spare!

Monday PM

Monday PM
Diligent (obsessive) in recording my food intake. Having the MyFitnessPal app on my phone really helps me stay accountable.  I'm tracking everything I ingest, even stuff like a single peanut butter pretzel nub and an herbal throat lozenge.  Having trouble psychologically still. Hunger pangs even though I've had plenty to eat.  I usually can't make it through the first 3 days of calorie reduction. 

Tried some fat in the form of cheese and it helped.  I actually cut up the cheese into little 1-inch cubes using a tape measure! I'm weighing and measuring everything I eat. Feel really good at the end of the day by being 13 calories UNDER my calorie limit. Feeling a little under the weather though like I'm coming down with the flu.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lets get this thing rollin'

Never blogged before so I'm not sure how this works so ......

Ok yesterday we all got started. Looks like a really motivated group so I'll have some tough competition.  I'll be at a disadvantage since all my back problems will prohibit me from doing the intense workouts others are planning but I'm determined!!!

I was all excited to get this thing rollin'.  Have to work off my last minute binge at my favorite breakfast restaurant before weigh-in so I get ready to head on out to exercise and my tennis shoes go in hiding! Cowards, can't find them anywhere!  Guess I'll have to try some swimming and find that DARN, the darn tennis shoes must have taken my flip flops with them.   I know it's scary ladies but this is something just we've gotta do.  In the meantime I decide to borrow my grandson's Crocks to wear at the pool til the girls come out of hiding.

Was really proud of myself doing water aerobics in the pool. Took me a while to get in since it was cold and I could only do 15 minutes and I'm wimpy but I DID it! 
BABY STEPS ARE STILL STEPS!!!!!  Even added 3 laps in the pool before my neck and shoulder started spasming.  Best thing about exercising in pools is that they usually have a whirlpool and boy did that help.  Slow progress is better than no progress I have to tell myself.

I eat a very sensible dinner, a chicken breast delightfully seasoned by my daughter and some broccoli.  Downloaded the app on my phone from and start to calculate my calories.  Boy I wish I would have know about the app at brunch!  Even counting the splurge I was under my allotted calories until I took into consideration that last minute impulsive piece of chocolate cake at the restaurant.  Apparently not all chocolate cake is created equally.  The heavenly tasting masterpiece was a WHOPPING 800 calories. Chocolate Devastation it should have been called.  Shock and awe people. Major lesson impulsive dietary decision can blow your whole day out of the water.  Next time I plan a splurge I'll make sure I know the consequences of my actions first.  Thankfully my semi-sensible eating didn't jack up my calories beyond maintenance.

First full day:
Started out great this morning extremely hungry.  Very unusual for me so I imagine it's the psychological effects the word "DIET" has on me.  I give it too much power.  Say I'm going on a diet and I'm already prepared to fail.  I already started eating healthier but didn't decrease my calorie intake.  Some high veggie days I know I ate at or less than the 1200 calories I'm shooting for and it didn't bother me at all.  Puzzling the power the word has over me.  I anticipate a rough day but I will succeed.  If I go over the 1200 calories that's ok for now as long as I eat healthy and make sure I have at least a few hundred calorie deficit.  BABY STEPS ARE STILL new mantra :-)