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55-year-old Margaret Pizzi of Mentor hopes to battle back from years of physical problems to a healthier life. She's cut out processed foods and diet soda, which is a first step.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well I'm off to a slow start this month and not getting any exercise for over a week now. I had a bit of a fender bender about 10 days ago and gave myself a bit of whiplash.  It has really aggravated my cervical disc problems and is also causing massive headaches.  I spent most of the last 4 days on the couch or in bed and eating reaaaally bad food and wallowing in misery. I did try a little bit of strength training on Sunday but I was struggling to lift even 5 pounds and ended up back home propped on pillows. How can I lift anything when even my head feels too heavy for my neck?  Pain shooting down my arm on the "good" side...not good. I even skipped my Monday Zumba which is the only time I have skipped unless I was out of town.  

Being inactive has then resulted in my low back problems flaring up too.  To top things off my pain management doc is on a month long vacation and with me having complex issues, I don't really feel comfortable seeing anyone else.  Really cranking it up at the gym this last 4 weeks as I had planned isn't looking all that possible right now.

So this is ending up being a big test for me.  I have to be able to put on the breaks on the binge and emotional eating when I have a crisis.  I'm trying to change my life.  If I fall back into the same vicious circles that got me fat in the past then I will be a big loser NOT in a good way.  

Blogging works for me, helps me think things through.  I started writing totally depressed and now I'm thinking this is actually good timing.   My spine issues aren't going to go away. This happening now rather than later I think is a GOOD thing.  I will be able to get through this because I have the contest hanging over my head and I'm certainly not going to make it through 40 pounds of weight loss so far to have everyone see me blow it at the end!!

I'd say wish me luck but I don't think I'm going to need it now. You can pray for the pain to get better if you want.

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." ― Lance ArmstrongEvery Second Counts


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